Some additions to my self-introduction

I’m a drinker.
I drink almost anything; beer, wine, gin, vodka, whiskey and sake(rice wine).
When traveling, I always put a nearby winery or brewery into the schedule.
The song “alcohol” by Kinks is my theme song on the morning of a hangover.

I’m careless.
I always leave my mobile phone at my home.
I bought a six-piece wineglass set. It has been half a year and only one has survived.

I’m cross-grained.
Although I hardly eat fast food, I went to McDonald after watching “Super Size Me.”


Hello everyone! (self-introduction)

Hello Everyone, I’ve just started blogging in

I’m Kitano25. I’ll just introduce myself.
I’m a Japanese, learning English. I started to study English five years ago.
I like reading book(especially Sci-Fi) listening music(my recent favorite is Fall Out Boy)
drawing pictures, cooking and playing the guitar and piano.

I’be been blogging for 5 years on this address
Although I wrote the texts in Japanese at first, the articles in English recently were increasing gradually and my friends hardly read my English texts and leave no comments for it. It’s sad for me.
Then, I decided to begin blogging on First of all, I’ll move my texts on my blog to here.
I’m really looking forward to participating in this web-site.