diary/June 2nd Gardening

The roses on my veranda are blooming. I bought many roses since I began to be engrossed in flower arrangement. I have nine pots of roses now. They started blooming this week.  This picture is of a white rose that I bought at a flower shop in Yokohama. I don’t know the name of this. The shop assistant didn’t know also. Although I thought that it might be a “Creamy Eden,” it might be wrong.

This is a climbing rose named “Pierre de Ronsard,” that I bought via Amazon. It was very beautiful, but it wasn’t so cute after it bloomed too much. So I cut the flowers when the bud was opening and put them in a wine glass. I will make them an arrangement after I enjoy them in my room for a while.

This is a floribanda rose named “Gold Bunny.” They have a very sweet smell. This one only has a short stem, so I put it in a shot glass.  When they are togethering in small a space, it’ like a flower shop. I feel pleased with myself.


Diary-May 19th-Gardening

I wrote recently in my diary, that I started cultivating flowers and took on the challenge of flower arranging also.
The reason why I started flower arranging was because of some cyclamen.
The master of the farmhouse who gave me the cyclamen told me that not only potted cyclamen but also arranged flowers in some kind of vase are beautiful.
According to his advice, I tried to cut the cyclamen flowers and put them in a glass.

The flowers were definitely beautiful, but they were not stylish somehow.
Since I thought that it needed something green be, I added a few of mint leaves.
Although it was better than the flowers only, it was not very sophisticated.
So, I searched for websites about flower arrangement on the Internet and researched how to use greenery to hold flowers.
Better, isn’t it?
I was not satisfied with the first wesite, So I kept searching around for various other arrangement ideas.
I bought different pots and vases and things to use for arrangement as well as magazines and books about flower arranging. I made a flower arrangement for my friend, bought wrapping paper and searched again for websites about how to do gift wrapping.

However, I didn’t spend much money.
The books and magazines are from secondhand bookstores and the containers and goods for wrapping were from a 100 yen shop. Some containers were empty containers for sweets.
It might seem to be stingy, but I think that it’s better that it’s not so pompous and doesn’t bother my friends that I give my arrangements.
I have no intention to be an expert with flower arranging. All of these things are a by- product of my gardening.
On my veranda, many roses are budding.
I’m looking forward to seeing them bloom!

Diary-April 21th-Gardening

I wrote last year in my diary that one of my hobbies is gardening on my veranda and I am only interested in edible plants, so there are only herbs and vegetables on my veranda.

However, I have to tell that recently there was a little change regarding that.

Now, flowers are propagating on my veranda.

It started around November of last year.

I visited a cyclamen farmhouse at work and bought a small pot of cyclamen.

At first, I was not going to buy it, but my coworker bought one, so I also bought one. This is a traditional custom in Japan called “giri”(social obligation) or “tsukiai.” I am a typical Japanese.

The master of the farmhouse gave me another pot for free, so I have two cyclamen.

I didn’t intend to have a long relationship with them.

I heard that a cyclamen season is short and it’s difficult to make them bloom yearly although it’s a perennial plant.

I only cared for them halfheartedly, thinking that I wouldn’t mind even if they withered.

However, they did not wither.

Although it is said that a cyclamen flower usually blooms during winter and last until spring, my cyclamen still continues blooming and budding one after another and continues even today, April 13.

While developing a relationship with them, (I also drew picture) I became attached to them gradually, and became interested in flowers in general. When I go to a florist, I started looking at not only vegetables and herbs but flowers as well.

First, I bought red and yellow ranunculus. With this as the start, jasmine, marguerite, and miniature roses joined my veranda garden.

Recently, I also took on the challenge of flower arranging. My “moe” for flowers is likely to continue for a while.

diary/July 9th Yesterday’s harvest

One of my hobbies is gardening.
My room has no garden/yard, but only a narrow veranda. The veranda is packed with many flowerpots and containers.

Now, in my veranda, there are;
Basil, thyme, rosemary, mint, lemonbalm,
parsley, Italian parsley, chibes, charbile, shiso,
tomatos, egg plants, cucumber,
Mexican sage, mini-roses.

Almost of these plants are edible.
Only seeing it, you can tell that I’m greedy.

Yesterday’s harvest from veranda garden 
Two mini tomatoes, one cucumber, basil, spring onion, and shiso(beefsteak plant).
I ate them for supper.

A salad of a cucumber and a chicken

An appetizer of a tomato, basil, and a cheese

My present worry is how do I watering when I will be away for trip in this summer vacation.