Kobe Jojo tour Part3

I am usually lead around Kobe by my friend who lives there, bur this time I guided Haide-san as though I was full-fledged Kobe expert. The first sight seeing spot was “Kitano-Kobo-no-Machi.”  

“Kitano-Kobo-no-Machi”is an old beautiful building that was originally an elementary school. There are many cool and stylish shops there now. It was the second time for me to visit there and I found a newly opened Japanese sake shop. Kobe is a famous brewery region. The shop was selling many kinds of sake from various breweries in Kobe and it seemed that we could sample them. However, between other stylish shops for young women, the sake shop was deserted. We entered the shop. I’m a sake fan, especially Kobe sake. I intended to buy something if I could find a good one. The shop clerk was a young woman. I asked her if I could sample them. She said, “Yes. What kind of sake would you like?” “Lets see… I prefer sweet sake.” (In my opinion, Kobe’s sake is sweet comparing to other area.) “There is no sweet sake here. (coldly)All of them are dry.” “…..! (at a loss for word”)

(eye contact conversation between Haide-san and me) Haide-sann “What is she saying? That’s her personal thought but, she should suggest something for her customer without saying such a thing, shouldn’t she?” Kitano “Wait, she probably think that we are just window shoppers. I will try to show her that I’m a big fan of Kobe sake.” So I said; “Oh! This is a sake from Izumi-Shuzo brewery. I’d like to try it.” She reluctantly let me sample it. While sampling, I said to her; “If I remember right, the brewer master of Izumi-Shuzo is former brewer master of Takinokoi which was closed last year.” I thought that I give her a topic that she could use to start a sales pitch, but she never reacted. There was nothing else for us to do but to leave. After leaving the shop, we told each other; “I’ve never meet such a clerk!” “Exactly! Wasn’t she taught that she should make an effort to sell something even to window shoppers?” We were perfectly surprised rather than angry at her attitude, and worried what would happen to her. Next we went to a chocolate shop. There was a very cheerful clerk and he invited us to sample many kinds of chocolate. Haide san bought some of them although I didn’t buy any since I don’t much like sweets.

Then we visited some nearby sight seeing spots.  

Muslim mosque          Toutenkaku


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