Kobe Jojo tour Part2

On the first day, we met at Sannomiya station in Kobe. My otaku friend, Ms. Haide lives in Hakata. I’m from Yokohama. Kobe is about at the intermediate point. It was a little after noon, and we went to lunch first.  

 We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant called “Ryo-Yu-Shuka.”

 I had been there once. This is a good restaurant. We ordered noodles with beef stew, chop suey and a small plate of sweet-and-sour pork. All dishes were delicious.  

While eating, we had lively conversation about Jojo.

Kitano: “I like Jotaro very much, but he isn’t good as a father, is he? I wouldn’t want to have such a father.” Haide-san “I entirely agree. I feel so sorry for Jolyne.” (Jotaro is the protagonist of Jojo part 3. Jolyne is Jotaro’s daughter and the protagonist of Jojo part 6.) Kitano: “However, Jolyne is the one of Jojos protagonist. She is tough enough and can stand up to her father. The one whom I feel sorry for is Anasui.” Haide-san: “Of course, he is the most pitiful man in the entire story. Although he looked cool and dangerous at first, he became such crown role at last. (Anasui is a male character in Jojo part 6. He fell in love with Jolyne and cooperated with her in battle. However, Jolyne never knew his real feelings and also Jotaro gave him the cold shoulder when he asked for permission to marry her.) Kitano: “I think that Araki sensei probably intended to make him a cool and dangerous character at first, but he noticed that that character would be more useful as a crown roll. Because if Anasui wanted to marry to Jolyne, he must say `Please give me your daughter!` to..” Haide-san: “…to Jotaro, who is the strongest father in the world. Indeed! ”

We finished lunch like this and left the restaurant. Then we went sightseeing around Kobe.


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