diary/June 2nd Gardening

The roses on my veranda are blooming. I bought many roses since I began to be engrossed in flower arrangement. I have nine pots of roses now. They started blooming this week.  This picture is of a white rose that I bought at a flower shop in Yokohama. I don’t know the name of this. The shop assistant didn’t know also. Although I thought that it might be a “Creamy Eden,” it might be wrong.

This is a climbing rose named “Pierre de Ronsard,” that I bought via Amazon. It was very beautiful, but it wasn’t so cute after it bloomed too much. So I cut the flowers when the bud was opening and put them in a wine glass. I will make them an arrangement after I enjoy them in my room for a while.

This is a floribanda rose named “Gold Bunny.” They have a very sweet smell. This one only has a short stem, so I put it in a shot glass.  When they are togethering in small a space, it’ like a flower shop. I feel pleased with myself.


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