Diary-May 19th-Gardening

I wrote recently in my diary, that I started cultivating flowers and took on the challenge of flower arranging also.
The reason why I started flower arranging was because of some cyclamen.
The master of the farmhouse who gave me the cyclamen told me that not only potted cyclamen but also arranged flowers in some kind of vase are beautiful.
According to his advice, I tried to cut the cyclamen flowers and put them in a glass.

The flowers were definitely beautiful, but they were not stylish somehow.
Since I thought that it needed something green be, I added a few of mint leaves.
Although it was better than the flowers only, it was not very sophisticated.
So, I searched for websites about flower arrangement on the Internet and researched how to use greenery to hold flowers.
Better, isn’t it?
I was not satisfied with the first wesite, So I kept searching around for various other arrangement ideas.
I bought different pots and vases and things to use for arrangement as well as magazines and books about flower arranging. I made a flower arrangement for my friend, bought wrapping paper and searched again for websites about how to do gift wrapping.

However, I didn’t spend much money.
The books and magazines are from secondhand bookstores and the containers and goods for wrapping were from a 100 yen shop. Some containers were empty containers for sweets.
It might seem to be stingy, but I think that it’s better that it’s not so pompous and doesn’t bother my friends that I give my arrangements.
I have no intention to be an expert with flower arranging. All of these things are a by- product of my gardening.
On my veranda, many roses are budding.
I’m looking forward to seeing them bloom!