Diary-April 21th-Gardening

I wrote last year in my diary that one of my hobbies is gardening on my veranda and I am only interested in edible plants, so there are only herbs and vegetables on my veranda.

However, I have to tell that recently there was a little change regarding that.

Now, flowers are propagating on my veranda.

It started around November of last year.

I visited a cyclamen farmhouse at work and bought a small pot of cyclamen.

At first, I was not going to buy it, but my coworker bought one, so I also bought one. This is a traditional custom in Japan called “giri”(social obligation) or “tsukiai.” I am a typical Japanese.

The master of the farmhouse gave me another pot for free, so I have two cyclamen.

I didn’t intend to have a long relationship with them.

I heard that a cyclamen season is short and it’s difficult to make them bloom yearly although it’s a perennial plant.

I only cared for them halfheartedly, thinking that I wouldn’t mind even if they withered.

However, they did not wither.

Although it is said that a cyclamen flower usually blooms during winter and last until spring, my cyclamen still continues blooming and budding one after another and continues even today, April 13.

While developing a relationship with them, (I also drew picture) I became attached to them gradually, and became interested in flowers in general. When I go to a florist, I started looking at not only vegetables and herbs but flowers as well.

First, I bought red and yellow ranunculus. With this as the start, jasmine, marguerite, and miniature roses joined my veranda garden.

Recently, I also took on the challenge of flower arranging. My “moe” for flowers is likely to continue for a while.


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