Diary-November 3rd Nakayama festival

November 3rd was a public holiday, Culture Day.
That day, it was very lively in the streets near my home, since a festival called the “Nakayama matsuri” was being held.

I don’t usually like festivals. I cannot enjoy these kinds of events because I don’t like crowds. Also, the food stalls at festivals are mostly not good.
However, the Nakayama festival is an exception.
The nearby restaurants and shops set up stalls at this festival. Some of them are my favorite shops and restaurants. The food at those stalls is fairly good.

The picture to the left is of a stall of a Chinese restaurant called “Ichiban.”
They sold steamed dim sum in a traditional bamboo basket.
I bought some crispy spring rolls and a chimaki(rice-dunpling wrapped in bamboo leaves.)


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