Diary-Octber 14th Jojoparty

I went to a drinking party with my otaku friend.
 She is an administrator of a fan-site of “Jojo’s bizare adventure,” and I also have a fan-site of “Jokjo’s…” This was a party of “Jojo” fans.
We met at aJojo event and promised to go for a drink.

The restaurant was a Japanese-style dining bar, “Yuzu no Komachi.” Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit. All dishes of this restaurant have yuzu.
I like yuzu. Ihave a small yuzu tree on my veranda.
he friend’s pen-name on her site is also “Yuzu.”
So, this restaurant was perfect for this party.

These are the dishes:
Carpaccio, boiled pork,

Deep-fried dishes and Yuzu sherbet.

The all of dished were delicious.

Also, all the rooms of this restaurant are separated, so we could otaku talk freely without reserve. It was very fun!


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