diary/July 16th Okinawan music in Buten

There is an Okinawa restaurant in 30 seconds on foot from my home. The name of the restaurant is Buten.
At Buten, a live show of Okinawan music is performed at 8:00 every evening. I sometimes go to the restaurant to see the show.
Yesterday,I went to the restaurant after a long time.
(Everytime I met the Mam of Buten in front of the restaurant, She tells me to come more.)

I ordered “hirayati”,”rahute” and shot glasses of three kind of awamori.
Yesterday’s live was Tomioka Massi.
Honestly, in Buten’s performance, there is a gap between the good and bad so-so, but fortunately,yesterday was good.
He plays not only san-sin but also aruhu.
The various kinds music was mixed to the traditional Okinawan music.(He played little bit Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik also.)
At the last song, audience in the restaurant stood and danced “Kacha-shi (Okinawan traditional dance).”
It was a good performance.

In fact, I bought Aruhu four months ago, but I hardly play it because I don’t know hou to play.
After the performace, I asked him about aruhu. He kindly tought me how to hold aruhu and useful goods for aruhu and so.
Thank you very mach!

This is the site of Massi and イチャリバーズ
(The article in this site about the war in Okinawa is very good.  I recommend to read it when you have time.)


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