A memorial for Sato Shio (part two)

夢みる惑星 (1) (小学館文庫)
夢みる惑星 (1) (小学館文庫)
“The Blue Monkey Chronicle” is the second story in a series consisting of three short stories.
The first story, “On This Poor World” is about the disappearance of a genius youth named Mogami Kiyora.
Mogami Kiyora, who was the oldest son in Mogami family, was regarded as a child prodigy since he was an infant, but he disappeared suddenly when he was eighteen.
His brother, Mogami Yasura admired him, and traveled to Crete Island where Kiyora left his last footmarks. This is the outline of the story.

The person who was carrying out the monologue at the beginning was the main character in “The Blue Monkey Chronicle” named Hasumi Yutaka.
He was recruited by a major company, but quit the company after two years because it was wearing on his nerves.
Then, he programmed a computer game for fun to relax his ragged nerves. The game sold very well, he became a popular game designer and earned a lot of money unexpectedly, but his misanthropy only kept increasing.
He shut himself up in a cottage in the suburbs and decided to only communicate with troublesome human society only through the line of a computer. (on the network.)
“It was in the summer of last year when I moved to Japan on the pretext of a  change of air. Although it looked to an outside observer to be a homecoming loaded with honors, in fact it was nothing but running into an easy life with less rivals.” (I like this dialog. It’s expresses well that this character is in a nihilistic mental state.)
Like this, at the beginning two pages, the main character Hasumi Yutaka’s profile was explained briefly.
 Yutaka encountered a mysterious youth in the ruins of the Knossos royal palace in Crete three months ago.
The young person called himself “Mino” from the Minotour.
Except for his name, he had lost all of his memory and didn’t have any belongings that proved his identity.
Yutaka took him back to Japan with him and they began to live together.
What he was surprised at was Mino’s intelligence.
He finished some games Yutaka gave him, in the blink of an eye and mastered the method of programming and completed the debugging, although Yutaka hadn’t taught him how to doit.
Also, recently Yutaka had begun to see some strange shadows around Mino. Mino said, “They are the blue monkeys.”
“The Blue Monkey” is the name of several pictures of monkeys painted in the palace of Knossos.
(This picture is from this site; http://www.historywiz.com/galleries/bluemonkeys.html
Its name came from the blue paint used to paint the monkeys.
Blue monkeys didn’t actually exist.
Yutaka thought that Mino seemed to have a strange concern for these fictitious monkeys.
One day, he noticed that Mino converted his game “The Hidden Treasure in the Pyramid” into a completely different game. He began to play the game. It was a terribly complicated and difficult game.
While playing, he found himself transported into the game.
It’s now a common story that people get transported into video games.
However, it was new those days and Sato Shio’s description/depiction is so peculiar and supremly excellent that it evokes a feeling of novelty even now.
Since it is difficult to explain the depiction in words, I’ll reprint the several pages from the manga.

(continued to the part three)


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