The Kobe trip during my new year holiday (part five)

There is a Sakura-masamune sake shop on the floor under the restaurant.

We sampled some sake while talking with the shop staff.
He said that Sakura-masamune’s sake is a purveyor to the Imperial family. The sake is offered at the Imperial garden party in spring. Also he said that the one for autumn is Kiku-masamune. Sakura(cherry blossoms) is spring flower and Kiku(chrysanthemum) is autumn flower. It’s like a good tale, isn’t it?
We left Sakura-masamune and went to Kiku-masamune commemoration hall.

There is a very good exhibition explaining the process of brewing, but we we looked at it five years ago, so we skipped this time.
We visited only a section for sake-tasting. We could sample unpasteurized sake and ume-shu.
Next was Sawanotsuru museum.

I bought a grass of Daiginjo Mineme-no-ura 大吟醸 敏馬の浦.
The bottle on the right is “shunko” 30000yen. I wished I could by it.
The last place was Kobe-Shushinkan.
This brewery makes sake called Fukuju 福寿. 

We sampled many kinds of sake. They were selling sake by measure. I bought a bottle of Dunmai-ginjo (meaning careful distillation of pure rice)
There was a restaurant and a sake bar too. I’d like to try the restaurant the next time.
This is English website of Shushinkan.

Since it was time to go back came and we left for Rokkou-michi station.
We said good bye at the station and the short trip in Kobe ended. The trip was rich with experience was much enriched trip even though it was only two days. Thank you Yuki!

After going back to my patents home, my parents and I drank the sakes which I bought at the breweries with Osechi.
Osechi is traditional Japanese food for the new year celebration. I think that sake is the best alcohol to have with Japanese food. All of them were very good!



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