The Kobe trip during my new year holiday (part three)

It was growing dark and we went around Sannomiya station.
The lights of Daimaru Department Store were beautiful.
She said that Kobe people like Daimaru very much and Daimaru is always crowded in spite of the latest depression.
 We went to China town.
This is smaller than the China town in Yokohama.
According to what she said, Chinatowns were usually made in order for Chinese people to protect themselves from their surroundings in the foreign countries, but this Chinatown has had good relations with residents of Kobe since the old times.
So in this china town, Chinese stores and Japanese stores are mixed.

I bought a Japanese radish rice cake and a cup of Rokkou beer. (400 yen). I had wanted to drink Rokkou beer since I came to Kobe and drank it five years ago.
She said that there was an interesting bookstore in the Sannomiya shopping arcade.
It is a bookstore called “海文堂 Kaibundou.” The character “海” means “sea” and a “文” means text. There is a special section for marine biology, oceanography, shipping, navigation, sailing vessels and such.
These books were so specialized for professionals, that they were rather funny for nonprofessional outsiders like us. “A tide table in Heisei 22,” “How to easily understand the whale problem” “Science of sashimi” “an Echizen-jellyfish and a water-jellyfish” were just some of the titles.

Then our reservation time came and we went to a restaurant for dinner.
A French (or Italian?) restaurant called “Di-Shiner,” it was small and stylish.
After consulting with the waiter, we selected this wine.

Relish and hors d’oeuvre: olive, terrine, marinade, etc.
All dishes were set up in order for two people to share easily. It worked well.

The wine fit well with these dishes.

Since we overate before dinner, it was difficult to eat pasta. We ordered some slices of cheese and bread. The main dish was roast venison. The venison was tender and went surprisingly well with sliced kumquats. The mashed sweet potatoes on the side were also good.
After dinner, I went to her home and stayed there.
The first day in Kobe had ended. All I did that day was eat.

(Continued to part four)


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