The Kobe trip during my new year holiday (part two)

Leaving the building, we strolled around the town again.
(A Muslim mosque)
(a long-established Chinese restaurant)

(an old post)

We had tea at a cafe in the Kitano hotel.

The cake set 1300yen
chestnut cake 

chocolate and framboise cake
These cakes were very good. The chestnut cake was crisp and light.The chocolate cake had a very strong flavor. That’s the Kitano hotel.
Next, we visited Choueke House
The garden and the first floor are usually open to the public. The fee is 300 yen. The resident lives on the second floor.
There was a lot of beautiful furniture.

(An antique game board)

 There were beautiful handicrafts, pictures and block prints. But photography was forbidden.
 Then, we walked around some more and looked at some pretty shops. There was a shop with Russian goods.

(Continued to part three)


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