The Kobe trip during my new year holiday (part one)

During this New Year holiday, I went back to my parents’ home.
My parents’ home is in Tsu-city, Mie prefecture. Although Tsu-City is the capital of Mie Prefecture, it’s the country side. There are also no famous tourist resorts. I think that if you want to relax, it’s very good place.

I went to my parents’ home on December 26, and the next day, traveled to Kobe. My friend lives there. She is a translater and my old friend from my university days. When I have trouble with English study, I question her and ask for advice.
Moreover, she is a gourmet and likes alcohol, so she gets along well with me.

From Tsu-City to Kobe, it takes about two and a half hours by theKintetsu and JR Lines. We arranged to meet at Motomachi station in Kobe.

(↑The police box in front of Motomachi station)
(There was a South-American-type music performer in front of the station.↑)

Firstly, we went to the Kitano town. Kitano town is a tourist spot in Kobe, which has many beautiful foreign style buildings.

We looked for a place to have lunch, while walking around a street with smart looking, stylish cafes and boutiques.
We entered a Chinese restaurant that she recommended and ordered the following.

五目やきそば Chinese noodles with various vegetables, seafood and meat
魚のお粥 Chinese rice porridge with fish.

These were very delicious. The seafood was tender and chewy, the porridge had a mild flavor of some kind of Chinese spices. .
We strolled around the sightseeing spot in Kitano after lunch.
“北野工房のまち Kitano Meister Garden”
Various beautiful stores are in this retro design building. A long time ago, this building was an elementary school.

(A Japanese candle shop)You can make an original candle in this shop.

(A match shop)

The pictures on the matchboxes were very beautiful. I heard that 90% of the matches in Japan are made in Kobe.

A pastry shop called”Goncharov” and a Chinese Ten-shin food shop called “Kouran”
I tried ganache chocolate at Goncharov and a steamed bun at Kouran. Both things weren’t bad. However, in the end< I didn’t buy anything. It is troublesome to walk around with meat buns in my hand and I can make ganache chocolate by myself.

(Continued to part two)


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