One or two things about Humi Yoshinaga

大奥 (第1巻) (JETS COMICS (4301))
大奥 (第1巻) (JETS COMICS (4301))
Humi Yoshinaga came out as a “Boy’s Love” writer at first.
 “Boy’s Love” (abbreviated as “BL”) is Japanese English from Japanese word “Shonen-ai 少年愛” was directly transposed to English. It’s a genre of novels or mangas in Japan (recently, in other countries also) for women, that focus on homosexuality or homoromantic male relationships, usually created by female authors.
She was also a fanfiction writer.
She had written fan fiction manga and sold her self-published books on the Comic Market, before she debuted in a comic magazine from major publishing company.
Do you remember that I told that I had written fan fiction and sold the books on the Comic Market?  I had been in the same place as her in the hall of the Comic Market at that time.
However, when I was doing the fanfiction work, she was already a popular and super-major  writer, who had occupied a special place in the Comic Market. I remember that some otaku friends or acquaintances, who were selling books in the booth next to me (each participant of the Comic Market is given a booth for selling their books), sometimes went to Humi Yoshinaga’s booth to buy her books.
I was not her fan yet and didn’t buy her books at the time. When I became her fan, after I quit fanfiction work and stopped joining the Comic Market, I regretted that I hadn’t bought her books.
Humi Yoshinaga was writing not only a fan fiction but her original stories since those days. The high level quality of her work was very famous. So, she had already gained a large otaku audience when she debuted.
Actually, there are many writers who have started their careers like her. It’s because the Comic Market had become an important scout place for publishing companies.
However, many of those writers couldn’t get popularity after they debuted. Almost of them are not able to write good stories except fanfiction or Boy’s Love.
Humi Yoshinaga was different from them. She wrote good stories in various genres and gained a wider audience.
Now she is writing a historical Si-Fi “Oo-oku大奥.”
“Oo-oku” was one section of the Edo(old Tokyo) castle and the place in which shogun, the shogun’s mother, wife, and concubines resided and no male adults could come except for the Shogun.
It was rumored that there were several thousands of women in the Oo-oku.
TV dramas and movies about this historical place have been made until now, but Humi Yoshinaga’s “Oo-oku” is different from the others.
In her Oo-oku, Men and women have been reversed. The Shogun is a woman and there were several thousands of men in the Oo-oku. This manga won the forth of Sense of Gender Awards in 2006.
The story was very interesting. The 5 volumes have been published.
The English version has been published. I want to read them too.

Reading “Antique bakery,” You might notice that Yoshinaga is epicurean.
She also wrote a gourmet guide book. In the book, She told, “I think about eating almost all of the time except for when I’m sleeping and working.”
There is a page in the end of the 2nd volume “Antique bakery,” Tachibana makes pasta and salad. According to the dialog, you can make a very delicious mentaiko-pasta and salad with cucumber and tomato. Because of it, I thought that she is really gourmet.


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