Antique review 1

アンティーク~西洋骨董洋菓子店~ [DVD]アンティーク~西洋骨董洋菓子店~ [DVD]

“Antique” is a Korean movie based on a Japanese manga “Seiyou-kottou-Yougashiten 西洋骨董洋菓子店” (the English title is “Antique Bakery”)by Humi Yoshinaga.
Humi Yoshinaga is a manga author in Japan, and has become popular in recent years. Her fan base had been mostly Otaku ladies when she debued, but her work gradually became popular among a more widespread audience.
I am also a big fan of her manga and have read almost all of her works.
“Seiyou-kottou-Yougashiten ” is one of her most important works. It was published in Japan by Shinshokan and published in English by Digital Manga Publishing. The series won the 2002 Kodansha Manga Award for “best girl’s manga.” The manga was adapted as a Japanese TV drama.
Firstly, I will write about the manga story.
The story depicts the lives of four men who work in a small bakery.
Keichiro Tachibana is the owner of the “Antique Bakery.” He opened the bakery in spite of his disliking sweets. His reason was that almost all of the customers for bakeries are women. (At least he insisted that that was his reason. His real secret reason was not revealed during the first half of the story. )
Tachibana was going to hire a top-class patissier for his shop, and when he interviewed, he knew that the patissier had been his high school classmate.
The patissier, Tachibana’s former classmate, Yusuke Ono was gay. In their high school days, Ono summoned up the courage and confessed his love for Tachibana, but Tachibana gave him a flat cruel refusal.
When the two met again, 14 years after their high school, Ono had became a “Demonically Charming gay” who attracts a man, whether they’re gay or straight.
So Ono had wound up fired again and again because of his many romantic troubles with his coworkers, in spite of his top skill as patissier.
Tachibana felt guilty about what he had done 14 yars ago, but Ono said that he had spent his gay life freely since that incident and he was rather thankful to him.
His “Demonic Charm” doesn’t work with Tachibana for some reason or an other, so there is no fear that he will be fired because of any love affair.
Both of them promised to run a good bakery together.

Eiji Kanda is Ono’s apprentice. He was a former pro boxer, and had retired due to a retinal detachment injury while still young. He has a huge sweet tooth. He was attracted by the sweets Ono made and became his apprentice. He holds Ono in very high regard, calling him his “Master.”

Chikage Kobayakawa is Tachibana’s childhood friend. His family works at the Tachibana house. He was sent by the Tachibana family to watch out for his friend. Chikage is trained to become a waiter by Tachibana. However, he is very klutzy and has a hard time.

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Some additions to my self-introduction

I’m a drinker.
I drink almost anything; beer, wine, gin, vodka, whiskey and sake(rice wine).
When traveling, I always put a nearby winery or brewery into the schedule.
The song “alcohol” by Kinks is my theme song on the morning of a hangover.

I’m careless.
I always leave my mobile phone at my home.
I bought a six-piece wineglass set. It has been half a year and only one has survived.

I’m cross-grained.
Although I hardly eat fast food, I went to McDonald after watching “Super Size Me.”

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